Cost-Effective Communication Solutions

At Cady Business Technologies we offer life saving business phone solutions for assisted living and senior/ elder care facilities.

Assisted Living and Senior / Elder Care Facilities

Improving the healthcare experience at senior and elder care facilities while still allowing for certain levels of independence can be challenging.

At Cady Business Technologies, we believe the right communication system is essential to your organization. When your staff, residents and family members are able to communicate in real time over fixed, wireless and mobile networks, everyone feels more connected.

We provide Assisted Living, Senior and Elder Care Facilities with Unified Communication solutions that integrate with Nurse Call solutions and Enterprise-level solutions and applications designed to ensure business continuity and safety 24 x 7 x 365.

By making communications a priority in your care facility, you can ensure the needs of your residents will always be met. Contact us to discuss upgrade and migration options today.


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image courtesy of  Victor Bezrukov

image courtesy of Victor Bezrukov

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