We Offer Cloud Services

Many people give little thought to the phones sitting on their desks and we often take them for granted. However, this very important tool is the cornerstone to our business and how we communicate with our customers. We don’t appreciate how important it is until our service is down or we don’t have a good connection.

Communication, the exchanging of information and the means of connection between people, is the key driver to successful business and provides a venue to gain and retain customers. If our customers cannot reach us when they have a question or a need, our business is not going to survive.

As with the ever changing and evolving world of technology, phone systems are becoming increasingly more diverse and effective, allowing us to be better communicators.

Imagine taking a call while on your computer without having to pick up a handset from your phone. Or being able to see if the people in your office are on the phone, at their desk or even to see where they are physically located. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could send a text message or chat like I do on my cell phone without having to pick up my cell phone? All of this can be accomplished with a newer collaboration product that includes the following great features:

·         Multiple device integration including on-premise phone, cell phone, and computer

·         Call recording

·         Screen sharing

·         Conferencing

·         Drag and drop transfers

·         Geographic location of users

·         A virtual post-it note feature

·         All traditional telephone system features

·         Free local and long distance calling

This solution can be delivered as a simple, inexpensive software as a service (cloud based) model or it can be purchased and installed at your facility.

Contact us with any questions about upgrading your phone systems or to discuss how your business can improve your company communications and better serve your customers!