Five Keys to Improving Phone Etiquette in Your Office

Your office phone etiquette matters. It helps you provide great customer service to your current customers and acquire new ones. On the flip side, when the person answering that phone doesn't use proper phone courtesy, it can cost your business. If you're questioning whether you have the best practices in place for business, then we are ready to help with our five keys to improving your office phone etiquette. 


1. Smile

Anyone calling your office can hear a smile from miles away. While it seems cliche, your words and inflection matter. Train your staff to put on a smile as they answer the phone. 

2. Encourage Consistency

Every employee should be using the same greeting as they answer the phone at your place of business. Provide a script for each new employee that includes the name of your business and their name for the caller. Hold employees accountable to using the script for each call. 

3. Learn your phone system

The last thing your caller wants to hear is bumbling on the other end when being transferred or put on hold. Train your employees with your telephone system basics on their first day.  Ensure that every employee at every level is confident in how the phone system works. 

4. Listen Well

There's nothing worse for a caller calling to talk through an issue than being interrupted in the middle of their explanation. Train your staff to listen and not interrupt, even if they know another department needs to get involved. Your callers will feel cared for and eager to call back. 

5. Practice Good Communication

Your callers want to know what's happening. Your staff can alleviate any concerns by communicating well with each caller. Good communication will include telling the caller what they are planning to do with their call (for example, I will transfer you now, or I'm putting you on hold) and giving them an estimate of how long this might take. 

As a business owner, the phone etiquette of your employees will help you grow your business. Putting these simple practices in place will help your employees excel at their jobs as they serve your customers. 

Dan Cady