A quick history of the telephone and mobility


Have you ever thought about what life would be like without the telephone?  Especially in today’s world where everything we do, and everywhere we go, we have our phone with us.  It has become our portable, personal computer, along with communicating with others.  Can you even imagine not being able to text someone and get an immediate response?  Or not be able to look up the latest reviews on the restaurant you are walking in to?

The telephone has come a long way.  From mechanical devices that were based on sound transmission through pipes, to manual switchboards, to analog devices, to electronic devices, to digital devices, and to IP devices.  And this doesn’t even begin to talk about the history of mobile devices.

In the workplace, users were tied to their desks for decades.  Then the IP phone came out and workers were able to work from their homes.  Some would even carry their work IP phone with them when they travelled so they could be connected to the office remotely. 

But now we have mobile apps with softphones.  Users can literally be connected to the office at all times.  We can see who in our office is on the phone and even who they are talking to.  We can chat with others within our office, and even with a customer through our website.  We can make local calls from anywhere in the world.  Oh, and technically we don’t even need an actual phone to do any of this.  It can be done from our cell phone, from an iPad, from our laptop, it doesn’t matter what we are on.

My office is now wherever I am.

Written by Jeff Anderson, Application Specialist/Partner