How can WebRTC (Real Time Communication) help me connect to my customers and team members better?

Collaboration is the buzzword in the office communications world today. It's concept is to make it very easy to connect to customers and fellow workers. The opportunities for improvement of current collaboration solutions include: 

  • Easy implementation on all devices
  • An interface that can be easily used from any computer without downloads or plugins (internal or external users)
  • A consistent user interface between unlike devices (computer, smart phone, tablet etc.)
  • Rock solid security
  • Simple video and screen sharing
  • Improved customer intimacy via employee presence and click to call from your website

With WebRTC you can have all of these features, plus many more! This technology allows you to use a traditional browser (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) that provides easy implementation by simply accessing a web page. There are also apps available in the Google and Apple app stores for your mobile devices.

You are able to access your collaboration desktop and telephone from any computer by simply typing in your personal web address. External conference attendees do not need to download a plugin for their access to the conference to work.

All interfaces between products have the same look and feel, giving users a consistent experience and assuring high usage of the solution.

With https technology all WebRTC communication is contained directly within your browser. It will not be affected if your computer gets infected with a virus.

When a customer is on your website they should not have to use a different technology to reach you. With WebRTC they don’t have to. They can send you a direct message, send you an email or call you with the simple push of a button. You will then be able to easily set up a video call or even a screen share.

Feel free to contact use to see a live demonstration of this amazing technology.