Avoid Plug and Pray with Cloud-based phone systems

There are multiple things to consider when searching for a cloud-based telephone system for your business, including which vendor can provide the best service. We are breaking down a few key components below so you can focus on choosing a vendor who will give you the best opportunity for success.

Many UCAAS (Unified Communications As A Service) options exist in today’s marketplace. Because the systems are cloud-based, you can look at offerings from providers in different parts of the country. What are the differences between the national suppliers as opposed to the local providers? Check out the breakdown below.

Distribution Models for Cloud-based System Installs

National based, national sales force.

Direct sales that are all about volume. There is a high rate of failure on installations due to lack of up-front design and planning.

Customers are required to install the telephones and all training is done via the web. If the phones don’t work, you ship them back.

It is the customers responsibility to provide a proper Internet connection.

Agent Model, national provider.

A local agent, who can be face to face with the prospect during the sales process, get involved.

Installation is still the responsibility of the customer.

The agent can assist in providing the correct Internet connection.

Value added reseller (VAR) working with a software/hardware provider.

Normally a local company that is fully responsible for the installation, support and billing of the product. This means face to face sales, project management, installation and training.

A VAR works directly with your IT provider when needed to provide the proper Internet connectivity.

This option offers a higher-touch relationship. 

Pricing Structures for Cloud-Based Phone Systems

National based

Pricing is on their website, offering an easy to figure out a basic configuration.

Agent Model

After an initial meeting, the agent will provide a quote/proposal with pricing.

VAR Model

Similar to an agent, a VAR will dig deeper into applications (paging, cordless phones, door entry system etc.) to provide a custom configuration meeting unique company needs.

Delivery Time frames and Install Transition Success Rate

National based

Installs can be fast depending on the ability to port numbers but because they don’t need to have technicians on-site, it becomes more of a resource issue for the client. This has a much higher installation failure rate.

Agent Model

Same as national since they are generally using the same companies.

VAR model

Installs can be fast depending on the application and the resources needed to ensure a smooth transition. This is a much more hands-on approach leading to a higher success rate…no plug and pray!

Cady Business Technologies Is Here to Help When Searching for a Cloud-Based Phone System

At Cady, we provide hands-on support that assures an installation works with high voice quality, an easy transition and local technical support.  This means White-glove support before, during and after the installation. We are happy to provide more specific details on our services – we’d like to meet you!  https://cadybt.com/contact