Two More Reasons to Choose our Cady Cloud Solution!

by Amy Robinson

A couple of weeks ago we installed our Cloud Solution for a small company in Edina, MN. They needed a communication solution that included desktop phones and devices, along with mobile phone and tablet capability.

Problem 1 - The space they lease does not have cabling and they work completely off wireless internet.

Cady’s response? “No problem!”  We installed Bluetooth-Vision phones along with our all-inclusive, simple-to-use, browser-based, unified communication solution that runs on their mobile and desktop devices.

Problem 2 – Power Outage = Wi-Fi Router down = No Phone Service

A few days after the initial install, Cady went on-site to train the staff on the mobile and desktop collaboration applications.  As Murphy’s Law would have it, they lost power, which meant they were unable to make or receive calls.

Again, No problem! Simply, grab your mobile phone and login to the mobile application. The mobile phones started to ring and it was business as usual. They were able to receive all calls made to the main business line and to staff direct-dial numbers.  The best part…. when they placed calls using the mobile application, the out-bound caller-ID displayed the name of their company and the company’s main number!

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