Benefits of a Cady Telecom Review

By Amy Robinson

Cady offers free telecom reviews to existing or potential customers and time and time again, we save our customers money! 

A typical telecom review includes discussing the following:

  • Current system status and version

  • Upgrade opportunities

  • End-of-Life product or new product announcements

  • Available promos

  • New technology solutions

  • Business changes or new requirements in how staff communicate internally or with customers

  • Current Internet and Phone Service bills review to determine if they are getting the best service and price available and if they are paying for items or services that they are no longer using

  • Cady customer service. How are we doing? What can we do to be a better service provider?

We also like to talk about kids, grandkids, vacations and life in general!

Recently, one of our customers support agreement was coming up for renewal and the manufacturer had announced End-of-Life on the contact center application they have been using for the past several years.

After our initial Telcom review, we scheduled a separate Contact Center Discovery session with their directors and managers to discuss how they are doing business today and talk about some of their new requirements and pain-points. They asked us to review their phone and internet bills because there were items and numbers they couldn’t identify and frankly didn’t have time to do themselves.

As a result of this review, we discovered that the customer was paying for old numbers, lines and services that were disconnected over a year ago, resulting in a credit to the customer. Additionally, we were able to provide a more robust contact solution that meets their current needs, is far more flexible and easy to manage, will allow them to integrate with their CRM AND has the ability to custom develop workflows that will enhance the way they communicate and manage their business today.

The BEST PART is that we were able to REDUCE their monthly recurring costs by $700.00 in addition to providing them with a new, easy-to-use and manage, robust communications solution that includes new hardware and supports services, with built-in security and resiliency.

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