Is your Minneapolis Business At Risk? How To Prevent Toll Fraud


Ever heard of Toll Fraud? It’s the unauthorized use of business phone and carrier services. Did you know it cost victims $4.73 BILLION* globally last year? Being proactive is the best way to ensure your Minneapolis business doesn’t feel the effects of toll fraud.

Unexpected Charges That Can Destroy Profitability

Imagine your monthly carrier bill arrives with tens of thousands of dollars in extra charges amassed over a single weekend (and no one in your office was working or making phone calls). Unfortunately, you’re on the hook for the entire bill. How could this happen?!

Hackers dial in and gain access to outside lines through a voice mail system or auto-attendant. Then they dial premium numbers (e.g. 900 numbers) that charge callers $1-a-minute or more, and receive a portion of these charges. Most carriers will spot toll fraud and notify customers of unusual activity, but by that time the damage is done.

How Can You Prevent Toll Fraud?

Here are some of the most common and easiest things you can do to help protect yourself from becoming a victim of toll fraud. Listed you will find 4 of the 10 easiest things you can do. Download the full brochure to see the remaining steps.

  1. Change Your Passwords: Change your passwords regularly, and never use your systems’ default passwords.
  2. Restrict Phone Feature Access After Hours: Did you know you have the ability to have your telecom provider restrict certain features like international calling and out-of-state calls?
  3. Minimize Call Forwarding: Try to keep call forwarding to a minimum so that numbers remain consistent at the office.
  4. Perform a System Health Check Annually: Luckily for you, we at Cady are asked to do this so often that we are known experts in this. Have our company or another outside company perform an annual audit to increase the performance of your communications – not to mention save you money along the way.

Download the full brochure “10 Steps to Protect Your Phone System from Toll Fraud” to learn how to reduce this risk.

We can help you maintain the highest level of communications security. Contact us today to find out about our Toll Fraud Health Check Service and System Upgrade Programs. Let’s talk soon before hackers hit you.

*according to the Communications Fraud Control Association

Dan Cady