Leverage Your Minneapolis Business Resources With Voice Virtualization


Traditionally, the voice network and data network have shared some of the same real estate in data closets and had the wiring infrastructure share the same locations in the walls and ceilings, but have always been sort of different breeds.

With VMWare and Mitel, this is not longer necessary. We all know that VoIP system allow voice and data to be converged on the same network, but virtualization allows the Mitel vMCD software to exist as a fully virtualized application on the VMWare platform.

This allows the CIO’s to only worry about maintaining one set of hardware and no longer is there a concern about the voice system needing to be physically managed or replaced every 5-7 years. Efforts are simplified to a single infrastructure and leveraging that investment to save money not only on support, but on the upfront expenses as well.

Dan Cady