The Importance of Uninterrupted Internet Service for Your Minneapolis Business


There’s no two ways about it. The Internet is now the primary pipeline of communication for all businesses large and small. Almost all business processes rely on uninterrupted Internet service in today’s technologically driven business environment.

Uninterrupted Internet and Your Bottom Line

Any downtime in Internet service can cost a company hundreds, if not millions of dollars in lost revenue and support costs. These types of “Internet failures”, if you will, due to a cut cable, poor connection or a service provider issue, will ruin your profitability.

What Can I Do to Be Proactive?

The obvious solution is to bring in a second Internet service provider. This secondary provider will protect you from a service provider failure…no more all eggs in one basket! Your existing firewall may have the capability to automatically shift to the operating Internet connection without missing a beat. Otherwise there are routers available to perform the same task. An additional advantage is the ability to use both connections for increased bandwidth and speed.

Types of Delivery for Internet Connection


Hardwired Connections


  • Cost – In many areas, high speed Internet is available from many different sources at quite reasonable prices.
  • Usability – As a general rule, hardwired providers do not charge for the amount of data transferred.
  • Uptime – This may protect you from a cable cut, depending upon how these connections are run into your facility.


  • Cost – Internet availability is very local in nature, some areas are able to get redundant Internet connections for a relatively inexpensive amount, others not so.
  • Cable Cuts – Once again, it depends on how the providers have run the cable into your building. Some providers use the same wire runs so if the backhoe cuts one, it cuts all.

Wireless Internet Connections


  • Cable Cuts – Impossible to cut a non-existent cable!
  • Cost – Depending upon the provider it can be quite competitive in pricing.
  • Reliability – These are not satellite based so there are no concerns about cloud cover or rain.


  • Availability –You are limited to what is available from the cellular carrier or a local wireless Internet provider. Carriers have antennas scattered in metro as well as rural areas. Generally a site survey is required to determine availability.
  • Speed – Once again location dependent.
  • Cost – Potential usage cost is carrier dependent
  • Antennas – While not large, an antenna is still necessary on your roof (think cable TV dish).

At Cady Business Technologies, we are happy to assist in any of your Internet connection needs. We are an unbiased provider of consulting and implementation in this area, and we offer a no obligation assessment of your needs. Feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Dan Cady