Cady Cloud W-Air LifeSaver

Cady Cloud W-Air LifeSaver cordless VoIP phone use a combination of data and voice networks to provide real-time presence monitoring and connectivity to online corporate phonebooks.

A user-friendly WMS admin interface gives you a single place to manage all your devices, and the auto-provisioning system allows simple and immediate connection to the Cady Cloud. Keep your mobile employees connected with a multisite auto-roaming feature that will enable them to connect to the network automatically from almost anywhere in your office.

Cady Cloud W-Air LifeSaver Cordless Business Phone Features

Cady Cloud W-Air LifeSaver cordless VoIP phones are a top-of-the-line solution for any business. This cordless business phone system provides a broad range of innovative features, including:

  • Real-time presence monitoring

  • Multicell auto-roaming feature

  • HD wideband audio

  • Integrated phonebooks

  • Speakerphone

  • Full-color 2’’ 176 x 220 display

  • Indoor range: 50m / 164f

  • Outdoor: 300m / 984f

  • Vibration mode

  • PTT (Push to talk)

  • Headset compatible

  • Bluetooth

  • Lone worker alarms

  • Pull cord

  • Alarm button and pull cord

  • IP65

W-Air Lifesaver.jpg

Cady Cloud W-Air LifeSaver Multicell Installation Options  

We offer W-Air LifeSaver cordless VoIP phones in two configuration options to meet the needs of small and large businesses.

Available multicell installation options include:  

  • Single Cell W-Air LifeSaver Base Station: Ideal for small businesses needing support for up to 8 users per system and up to 3 repeaters.

  • Multi-Cell W-Air LifeSaver Base Station: A large-business solution supporting up to 1,000 users per system. Register up to 30 users on one base station, with up to 250 bases per system.


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