Streamline Your communication with the Mitel 5320E

Your growing business need a versatile phone that works for executives and employees alike. Cady Business Technologies provides the enterprise class Mitel 5320E to Minneapolis businesses like yours to help you increase productivity, reduce costs and communicate with your customers more effectively. This new generation desktop phone is easy to use and includes innovative features and applications to help you streamline your business communications for years to come. 

Mitel mivoice 5320E features

icons8-pincode-keyboard-48 (1).png

8 programmable one-touch, multi-function, self-labeling keys


Power conservation for energy savings


Hands-free speaker option


Backlit LCD display

Experience the Mitel 5320E 

Experience the benefits of using the Mitel 5320E for your business communications. This easy-to-use phone will increase productivity, enhance your customer service and improve your business process integration.  Easy to manage with remote programming, this phone will have everyone from your receptionist to top-level executives singing it's praise. 

Getting start is as easy as using this phone. Simply contact us and we'll work together to find the ideal phone system that's right for you.