Website Presence for real time communication

WebRTC Kite is the latest communication technology offered by Cady Business Technologies to make it easier for you to connect prospects and clients with the right people at the right time. It’s a unified, real time communications tool that gives your customers direct access to the people on your team that can answer their questions and solve their problems.


Website Presence Features

WebRTC Kite gives you the ability to share the real-time status of various employees, showing whether they’ve put up a Do-Not-Disturb, are on the phone, or are ready and able to take a chat or call - video or voice. This tool also allows for easy file transfer and desktop sharing so that, once they are connected, your employees can more easily help address the pain points of the clients they’re in touch with.


Website Presence Benefits

Kite can be embedded into your Contacts page, accessed through a contact button, or put on your home page as a useful widget. You can also choose what information to display about your employees, including a personal image, geolocation, and presence information. This useful tool was made to be customizable to fit your needs, aesthetic and otherwise, and it’s available now from Cady Business Technologies.


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